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1 Hey , I got my appendix out in january by keyhole and at the momment I have blood....
- mikayla ( Australia ) July 27,2014 2:27 PM
2 Hi, I have Alopecia and my GP is useless, I had a High White blood cell count and....
- peter petrou ( United Kingdom ) July 27,2014 2:25 PM
3 I had an tooth abscess when I was 15 and after I got rid of it I noticed that my....
- Kyle ( Philippines ) July 27,2014 2:23 PM
4 Hey. I noticed these white "bumps" on my tongue today. They do not hurt, itch or....
- luima ( United States of America ) July 25,2014 9:23 PM
5 I have red eye in the right eye for 2 years and used steroids. and one of this steroids....
- raju ( Bangladesh ) July 23,2014 11:13 PM
6 I am being treated for staph infection, how can i find out for sure that the infection....
- Cynthia ( United States of America ) July 21,2014 10:09 PM
7 Wa told,I have a petrous canal stenosis what is it how serious is it and how is....
- justin ( United States of America ) July 21,2014 10:07 PM
8 I have internal hemroids, for the last 2weeks I have bled all but 2days and now the....
- toni ( United States of America ) July 15,2014 9:00 PM
9 Hello, 39 year old USA female here living abroad. In good general health, etc.....
- Anonymous ( United States of America ) July 15,2014 8:55 PM
10 I have been experiencing pain in my right leg for about the past week - seems to....
- Anonymous ( Australia ) July 13,2014 10:14 PM
11 I have been having some trouble breathing lately and have had tests done to rule....
- Jennifer ( United States of America ) July 13,2014 9:09 PM
12 I was diagnosed with close angle glaucoma and blurred vision in just one day. The....
- kaira ( Australia ) July 13,2014 9:06 PM
13 I've had lightheadedness/queeziness/mental fuzziness (feels like a concussion with....
- David ( United States of America ) July 13,2014 12:13 AM
14 I have had chronic physical urticaria (dermographic) for 11 years now. At the beginning....
- Ted ( United Kingdom ) July 11,2014 3:03 PM
15 I have been having sharp pains (as if being stabbed in with a knife) in my shoulder....
- Anonymous ( Malaysia ) July 11,2014 1:43 AM
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