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1 July I went to sleep one night & got heart palpslittle did I know they would be there....
- T Miller ( United States of America ) October 20,2014 4:13 PM
2 Today I all the sudden felt like I was going to be sick so I got up to go to the....
- Jasmyn ( United States of America ) October 20,2014 4:01 PM
3 Hi! A few years ago i was diagnosed with IBS, I had all the symptoms and after a....
- Anonymous ( Portugal ) October 14,2014 11:55 PM
4 over the past 4 weeks i have had a pain on and off in my left ear but more annoyingly....
- jacqueline ( United Kingdom ) October 08,2014 11:42 PM
5 I am suffering left temporal severe headaches. I have previously been diagnosed with....
- Bev ( Australia ) October 02,2014 2:48 AM
6 What could shooting pain in the left a4m be followed by the pointing and middle finger....
- becca ( United States of America ) October 02,2014 2:45 AM
7 Hi. I'm an overweight female. I often develop sores and cyst-like zits on my breasts....
- Jo Patsy ( United States of America ) September 30,2014 5:01 PM
8 what's the best was to heal a scab on your face? I picked at a pimple (I know I shouldn't,....
- Lyd ( Canada ) September 30,2014 4:56 PM
9 I'm 32 years old male. My HDL level is low and low weight. Please suggest medicine....
- Vinod ( India ) September 27,2014 1:25 AM
10 Got a bad gash above my eye. Rt under brow bone .. Had to Go to emergency room....they....
- Anonymous ( United States of America ) September 27,2014 1:24 AM
11 This is for my health 21 year old son at college. About 4 weeks ago started getting....
- Jane ( United States of America ) September 27,2014 1:22 AM
12 Since 6 months ago, from when my son was born, i feel dizzy in the head and recently....
- Amirreza ( Iran ) September 25,2014 1:28 AM
13 Is a light swelling inside the nose a cause for concern? I have been having some....
- Binary ( Serbia ) September 25,2014 1:19 AM
14 This is a question for my 17 year old autistic sister also diagnosed with ADHD. She....
- Stephanie ( United States of America ) September 18,2014 8:34 PM
15 Diagnosed BP1 and IBS and medicated with Dapakote, Quatiapine and Zoloft. I have....
- Yvi ( Netherlands ) September 18,2014 8:31 PM
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