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1 Hi Doctor, i broke my tibia and fibula about a year ago and i have recovered and....
- givan ( Lebanon ) March 25,2015 10:47 AM
2 I have a urine discomfort a pain near my waist, and feel a sensation I can't explain....
- carmen ( United States of America ) March 25,2015 10:43 AM
3 I was diagnosed with first rheumatoid, then juvenile arthritis along with fibromialgia.....
- Skye su Plessis ( South Africa ) March 24,2015 10:55 AM
4 I have suddenly developed 13 sores on the inner parts of my lips. I am concerned....
- Anonymous ( United States of America ) March 23,2015 7:30 PM
5 My younger was diagnosed of schizophrenia. He was given the following drugs. Tegretol,....
- Anonymous ( Nigeria ) March 23,2015 11:53 AM
6 I always have pain under my right breast bone and at times extend to my right hand,....
- Cool ( Nigeria ) March 23,2015 11:52 AM
7 What if right ovary measuring 35.21mm showing dominant follicle measuring 10mm and....
- olanike ( Egypt ) March 23,2015 11:43 AM
8 My upper eyelid are both swollen but not as bad, my throat hurts and is painful to....
- Sarah ( United States of America ) March 22,2015 2:36 PM
9 About 4 years was in hosp from a suspected virus, among the many symptoms, I had....
- Roxy ( New Zealand ) March 21,2015 8:31 PM
10 Dear doctor, for several months I've had a stiff jaw, full ears, head pressure and....
- Victoria ( United States of America ) March 21,2015 8:17 PM
11 Clinical Diagnosis Pais R Chest 1 Pain in right Side of the chest since 2003. 2....
- sushil kumar ( India ) March 19,2015 1:32 PM
12 hi doctor. i've read your article explaining the fragility of hiv when diluted in....
- mary ( Philippines ) March 19,2015 12:44 PM
13 My wife getting treatment for lungs TB 4 last 7 mths. I weight lost for 4-5 kgs 4....
- B. Nagaraju ( India ) March 16,2015 3:27 AM
14 Dr. i have severe pain above the left ball for over a year now. it makes the lower....
- IBRA ( Uganda ) March 16,2015 3:25 AM
15 I was recently diagnosed with Lupus and was wondering if nail fold thickening is....
- Amy ( United States of America ) March 14,2015 1:59 AM
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