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1 What does these mean from the MRI of my knee? There is mild enthesopathy of....
- Anonymous ( United States of America ) April 17,2014 2:51 AM
2 Had a mastectomy with lymph nodes removed, am now having pain, spasms, tingling and....
- Charlene Washington ( United States of America ) April 15,2014 2:40 AM
3 my hands are discoloring to almost a purple color. This is the third time this has....
- Alan Roth ( United States of America ) April 13,2014 5:56 PM
4 What is Refractory anemia with ring sideroblasts and thrombocytosis (HCC)?
- Karin ( United States of America ) April 13,2014 5:53 PM
5 I wake at night when I roll over with a sharp pain in my left inner center knee cap.....
- kathy Rackley ( United States of America ) April 13,2014 5:50 PM
6 Hi, My boyfriend has been sick for the past week. The first time we went to the....
- katherine ( Canada ) April 13,2014 5:47 PM
7 I had thyroid cancer & my cancer Doc wants to keep my thyroid count very low so when....
- barbara ( United States of America ) April 13,2014 1:30 AM
- ELISA ( United States of America ) April 13,2014 1:28 AM
9 I tested positive for tb when I was about 16 years old. I was prescribed medication....
- kristen ( United States of America ) April 11,2014 12:44 PM
10 hello- i have mild varicocele grade 2 on my left testis and i had two semen analysis-....
- ali ( United States of America ) April 11,2014 12:42 PM
11 Dr. said I have cloudy lungs and lots of scarring. I am going for cat scan of lungs....
- Anita ( United States of America ) April 11,2014 12:39 PM
12 I am a 23 year old healthy male. I recently had a full physical and the results were....
- David ( United States of America ) April 11,2014 12:44 AM
13 I am experiencing a tar like very dark stool. This has persisted for the past several....
- jeff ( United States of America ) April 10,2014 9:13 PM
14 I have been having bad leg pain for the last few yrs., my dr. did no tests and just....
- thundrr ( United States of America ) April 08,2014 11:28 PM
15 occasionally either one of my eyes develope a fogginess on the top half .this lasts....
- george misiura ( United States of America ) April 08,2014 11:26 PM
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