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1 This is a question for my 17 year old autistic sister also diagnosed with ADHD. She....
- Stephanie ( United States of America ) September 18,2014 8:34 PM
2 Diagnosed BP1 and IBS and medicated with Dapakote, Quatiapine and Zoloft. I have....
- Yvi ( Netherlands ) September 18,2014 8:31 PM
3 My wife has HSV-2 in her genitals. I understand it is rare for HSV-2 to infect orally....
- Dan ( United States of America ) September 18,2014 8:21 PM
4 Which one is right window period for antibody test 3 months or 6 months?[br>Most....
- Supratim Ghosh ( Kazakhstan ) September 17,2014 12:14 AM
5 At about 1 am I very suddenly experienced these symptoms at the same time: Extremely....
- Nick ( United States of America ) September 17,2014 12:13 AM
6 Hello, I have a boyfriend who used to have kidney stones but passed them. This was....
- Anonymous ( United States of America ) September 16,2014 11:57 PM
7 Last august I injured my foot. My primary doc said it was torn ligaments, and from....
- izzyrose ( United States of America ) September 03,2014 10:25 PM
8 Regarding my son 5 blood draws since 2011 Always : Low rbc 4.5 Low neuts High....
- deanna ( United States of America ) September 03,2014 10:23 PM
9 Past 3 days I have had pain in stomach radiating to middle back with eating and when....
- hollygolightly ( United States of America ) September 01,2014 9:29 PM
10 I had a nosebleed about midnight, gave me a climbing headache that at itspeak was....
- oneandonlyme ( United States of America ) September 01,2014 9:25 PM
11 I went in last week for a broken ankle. They put it in a temporary splint and I go....
- Anonymous ( United States of America ) September 01,2014 9:21 PM
12 Suppose a patient has suspected pneumonia (the diagnosis is not certain because,....
- James ( Australia ) August 27,2014 4:18 PM
13 I recently had a ct done on my lungs. Follow-up from PE. What does this all mean? Evaluation....
- Anonymous ( United States of America ) August 25,2014 8:18 PM
14 Is it okay to take Penicillin and Vyvanse together?
- Erik ( United States of America ) August 24,2014 6:13 PM
15 I was on doxycycline for an infection for one week (100mg 2x a day). I stopped the....
- sara ( United States of America ) August 20,2014 3:53 PM
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