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1 Ive been having bad headaches that move all over my head, i have bad vision and havent....
- xavier ( United States of America ) December 18,2014 2:09 AM
2 i have this tense pain under my chin and i think its an swollen Lymph Node or swollen....
- ericka ( United States of America ) December 11,2014 11:45 AM
- diana ( United States of America ) December 11,2014 11:43 AM
4 My belly button has a bad order and a clear yellow watery discharge, it also burns....
- jessica ( United States of America ) December 06,2014 1:28 PM
5 My belly button has a bad order and a clear yellow watery discharge, it also burns....
- jessica ( United States of America ) December 06,2014 1:28 PM
6 hi i am 27 yrs age male. i am having alergy problem for a while speciallybon food....
- fazly ( Bangladesh ) December 06,2014 1:26 PM
7 may I know the reason , my stomach left top and 2inch below rib , like a beating....
- kishan ( India ) December 06,2014 1:21 PM
8 My company required me to undergo medical examination so I take 1, after many days,....
- Jemar ( Philippines ) December 01,2014 12:22 PM
9 recently I feel sudden senseation like electricity comes through my arms down to....
- Mehdi ( United States of America ) November 29,2014 1:33 PM
10 I recently landed on my coccyx and lumbar area after falling off a horse. The doctor....
- charlotte ( Australia ) November 29,2014 2:22 AM
11 Two days ago I was admitted into a hospital with abowel obstruction. I was released....
- Tracy ( United States of America ) November 23,2014 10:14 PM
12 Just fell/flew out of a horse trailer late this afternoon, and having severe pain....
- Renea ( United States of America ) November 23,2014 10:13 PM
13 I have enlargment in the chondro of the sinus and sinusitis with excessive internal....
- Anonymous ( United States of America ) November 23,2014 1:56 AM
14 My burps taste like sulphur. What does that mean? I've had this before,but not for....
- Buddy ( United States of America ) November 22,2014 1:11 AM
15 POP QUIZ: 28 yr old male, history of pancreatitis in 2010 with partial pancreas removal,....
- Jason ( United States of America ) November 17,2014 1:40 AM
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