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1 Three days ago, I developed a mildly sore throat. The condition was manageable early....
- Amadeus Yidaz ( United Kingdom ) April 22,2015 8:05 PM
2 I have an complex overian cyst.measurement of 4.6 cm & has a thick seption surronded....
- Afroza ( Bangladesh ) April 21,2015 10:05 PM
3 i get stabbing pains in my head, my mouth very dry, what could be wrong? i am on....
- Anonymous ( South Africa ) April 20,2015 11:24 PM
4 If someone having cyst in ovary with 2.9 size on ryt and 3.7 on left is it dangerous....
- Anonymous ( Pakistan ) April 18,2015 8:40 PM
5 my son age 8. His body is too heat always and gets fever suddenly it gets sometimes higher sometimes lower.
- Anonymous ( United Arab Emirates ) April 17,2015 9:42 PM
6 Daughter hit in forehead by baseball. Has a large knot with bruising. She has Von....
- courtney ( United States of America ) April 16,2015 11:33 AM
7 For the past two week I have been having these extreme attacks that feel like panic....
- Austin ( United States of America ) April 16,2015 11:32 AM
8 I work in a facility with children and one of them is infected with H. Pylori. He....
- Anonymous ( United States of America ) April 15,2015 11:34 AM
9 i am diabetic type 2, using janumet1000,atorvostatin,for the last 4year, now i got....
- rafat ( Iraq ) April 11,2015 3:55 AM
10 What is going on with my sideburns ? I had otoplasty surgery over a year ago to which....
- Anonymous ( United States of America ) April 11,2015 3:47 AM
11 Hello, A few hours ago about 12am or 1am.. I lost my virginity and happened to have....
- Cathy ( Canada ) April 11,2015 3:43 AM
12 Hi, I am 32 year old guy who has suffered physical erectile dysfunction for 12....
- mark ( United Kingdom ) April 09,2015 10:48 AM
13 Halo name is saad am living in Nigerian i have some rashes around my eyes....
- Anonymous ( Nigeria ) April 09,2015 10:47 AM
14 Sir I am very desperate to see that I am facing continues mucus generation for the....
- Nidhinlal ( India ) April 06,2015 10:34 AM
15 ihave a renal impair and diebeties from 20y my gfr 81 both kidny and creatnin 1.3.urea29....
- muhammad latif ( Pakistan ) April 05,2015 1:07 PM
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