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I have had hives for a few days. The hives have cleared, but I find that my legs ache terribly and I feel very tired, have no pep at all. I took Benedryl for a few days but nothing since yesterday. Is there a reason I feel so exhausted? Last week and all time previously, I am a very active person, golfing 5 days a week and going to the gym several days a week. The hives started on a driving trip of 1200 miles, and began with itchy fingers and eventually moved all over my body, even my lips were swollen. They seem to be gone now. Help please. I need my pep back.
- Thomas ( United States of America ) May 17,2012 1:15 PM


May 18,2012 12:14 PM

Dear Thomas,


It would seem that your symptoms, though it would have initially started with hives due an allergic reaction, now seem to have extended to your heart. This is explained by the tightness in your chest and neck. Given your age and history of valvular disease, this is quite likely.


I would recommend that you get an ECG as soon as possible, and consult a cardiologist as soon as possible. Tiredness, difficulty in exercising and chest tightness in a person of your age are classical signs of ischemic heart disease.


It could also be that Benadryl might be causing some of your symptoms, as it is known to cause severe drowsiness and sleepiness.

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